Analyzing Thomas Tuchel’s Record vs Former Chelsea Bosses Conte, Sarri & Lampard

Analyzing Thomas Tuchel’s Record vs Former Chelsea Bosses Conte, Sarri & Lampard

We breakdown and crunch the numbers as we analyze and compare the performances of the recently-sacked former Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel, and other former managers of the Blues since Antonio Conte’s appointment in 2016, that include managers Maurizio Sarri and Frank Lampard as well.

In the chart below, we analyse Tuchel vs the other three managers based on metrics like win and loss percentage, attacking stats like goals scored (GS), assists (A), and possession, and defensive stats like clean sheets (CS) and goals conceded (GC).

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Comparing Thomas Tuchel’s record as Chelsea manager vs Lampard, Sarri, and Conte

Conte vs Tuchel

Conte has the best win percentage 65.1% of the bunch, while Tuchel’s win percentage 59.2% is much lower. However, the German boss has a lower loss percentage 16.3% as opposed to Conte 18.9%. This stat could be attributed to the fact that Chelsea played out a lot of draws in Tuchel’s reign.

Tuchel fares better than Conte when it comes to defence, with the German 49 CS having 6 more cleansheets than the Italian 43 CS. Additionally, Tuchel has also conceded fewer goals 76 GC than Conte 102 GC.

The current Spurs boss, however, beats Tuchel in terms of goals scored with the Italian racking up 212 G, which you could attribute to Conte having Diego Costa up front vs Tuchel’s 165 G, but he loses out on stats like assists Conte 73 A vs Tuchel’s 112 A. When it comes to average possession per game Conte has 54.6% vs Tuchel’s 61%, signifying more possession-based play under Tuchel as opposed to counter-attacking play under Conte.

Sarri vs Tuchel

Sarri has the second highest win percentage 61.9%, ahead of Tuchel’s 59.2%. But his loss percentage of 17.5% is also higher when compared to Tuchel’s 16.3%.

Apart from the average possession stats, Tuchel is the clear winner and beats Sarri, with the Italian notching up 112 G & 88 A as compared to Tuchel’s 165 G and 112 A. However, Sarri shades possession with62.9% ahead of Tuchel‘s 61%. That’s Sarri-ball for you.

Defensively, Tuchel has more clean sheets at 49 CS, while Sarri only managed 28 CS. However, Sarri let in lesser goals with only 58 GC as compared to Tuchel’s 76 GC. But this stat could be skewed by the fact that the Italian and current Lazio boss was in charge of significantly lesser number of games, as he was at Stamford Bridge for just one season.

Lampard vs Tuchel

Lampard has the least win percentage 52.4% of the lot and the highest loss percentage 27.4% of the entire group. Tuchel is the clear winner in this comparison.

Lampard also loses out to the German in offensive stats as well, but by fine margins. This is one department that the legendary Blues midfielder comes close to Tuchel getting 163 G, 106 A, as compared to Tuchel’s 165 G & 112 A.

In what is a clean sweep for the Tuchel, he also dominates the defensive stats against the current Everton boss. Lampard only managed 26 CS and conceded 106 GC, which was quite poor as compared to Tuchel’s 49 CS and 76 GC.


Thomas Tuchel has performed admirably as Chelsea manager and has overperformed all of Chelsea’s last 3 managers in Conte, Sarri, and Lampard, bar a few areas of comparison. The German boss’ tenure will be fondly remembered and it’s also certain that he will go down in Chelsea folklore as the man who brought the 2nd Champions League title to the Bridge.

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