Aston Villa vs Liverpool Predictor on BalleBaazi – Premier League 2021-22

Aston Villa vs Liverpool Predictor on BalleBaazi – Premier League 2021-22

Aston Villa entertain Liverpool in a game which is a must win for the Reds. Let’s have a look at our analysis for predictor on the BalleBaazi app.

Will Liverpool Score A Goal In The First 45 Minutes Against Aston Villa?

Liverpool generally start their games with a high tempo. They squeeze teams in their own half in the first twenty minutes. Most of the time, Liverpool get it right and they get an early lead which puts them in a better position to control the game.

Aston Villa are on a good run but they are having a poor season defensively. They also like to come out and press teams which will allow Liverpool to break lines vertically.

There is a high possibility of Liverpool scoring a goal or two in the first half of tonight’s game.

Will There Be 3 Or More Goals In Liverpool vs Aston Villa?

Coming into this game, both sides are on a run where they have scored some goals. Aston Villa have conceded too many in their last few matches. They conceded 4 against Spurs, 2 against Wolves and 2 against West Ham as well.

Aston Villa’s defence doesn’t look in the right form at the moment to stop this Liverpool attack. This game will surely have goals and 3 goals shared between the two sides is a high possibility.

Will Liverpool Win The Match Against Aston Villa?

After slipping up against Spurs at Anfield, the margin for error is not present for Liverpool anymore. They simply have to win every single game remaining in the league this season and hope for a miraculous defeat for Manchester City.

The title is now firmly in Manchester City’s hands and pressure on Liverpool of winning every game is increased.

The way Aston Villa set up out of possession suits Liverpool to play through the Villa midfield. After the disappointment against Spurs, a strong Liverpool response will be expected and on the balance, Liverpool’s win tonight is likely.

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