Spain vs Portugal – Predictor on BalleBaazi: UEFA Nations League 2022-23

Spain vs Portugal – Predictor on BalleBaazi: UEFA Nations League 2022-23

Spain and Portugal face off in their first UEFA Nations League game of the new competition. After the end of a highly competitive and long and hard season for the players, many players are perhaps unhappy with the authorities at UEFA as they are unable to rest.

Pre-season will start in July, and the Premier League season will start early on 6 August due to the World Cup kicking off in November. As a result, many players won’t play all the games for their national sides to get some rest during this hectic schedule.

Who Will Win The Match In Spain vs Portugal?

It will be a close game with both teams slightly contrasting each other in the way they would want to play the game. Spain are likely to dominate possession and play through Portugal’s midfield while the away side will try to hit Spain on transitions.

It will be a great game from a tactical perspective which makes it an exciting watch as well. Both sides also have their weaknesses, with Spain lacking a proper out and out goal scorer despite having several creative players on the pitch.

On the other hand, Portugal have one of the best finishers in the world in Cristiano Ronaldo, but they could struggle to compete with Spain’s quickness of passing.

It’s a difficult one to predict, but overall, Spain is likely to create more chances and have a slight edge.

Will Spain Score A Goal In The First Half Against Portugal?

The biggest issue in this Spain side is their goal scoring ability. They have technically gifted players all over the pitch to create a variety of chances. However, they lack a deadly no.9 who can win them games.

It’s very hard to predict if Spain will score in the first half, but the chances of that happening are low.

Will Portugal Score A Goal In The First Half Against Spain?

Portugal’s game plan today is quite predictable as it should be against a team like Spain. Spain will dominate the ball for most of the game and Portugal are likely to maintain a medium block and force Spain to play square passes by restricting space in between the lines.

As soon as they win it back, they will try to hit Spain on the break. With the pace and creativity of Jota, Bruno Fernandes and Otavio and the long passing range of Joao Moutinho, this strategy could be effective.

Portugal could struggle to score in the first half, but with tired Spanish legs, they are more likely to get a goal in the second half.

Will There Be 3 Or More Goals In Spain vs Portugal?

When Ronaldo is playing, it’s hard to predict the number of goals he could score. However, Portugal’s lack of creativity has been a major issue for Fernando Santos as they are unable to create chances for their talisman.

3 goals in a game is not a lot considering the quality of the players on the pitch tonight. However, with the issues of fatigue and Spain’s lack of goal scoring ability, there is a big chance this game might not witness more than 3 goals.

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