Trent Alexander-Arnold vs Reece James: Comparing Both England’s Young Right-Backs According To The Data – Premier League 2021-22 Season

Trent Alexander-Arnold vs Reece James: Comparing Both England’s Young Right-Backs According To The Data – Premier League 2021-22 Season

This is a comparison of both England’s right-backs, namely Liverpool’s Trent Alexander-Arnold and Chelsea’s Reece James.

Both full-backs have had exceptional seasons with their respective clubs. Liverpool won the FA Cup and Carabao Cup while Chelsea lifted the Club World Cup trophy.

But who is the better option for the Three Lions according to the data?

Since both players played an unequal number of games for their clubs with James out injured for some time, we have compared them based on per90 minute stats. This comparison is based on their Premier League seasons in 2021-22.

Who is the better pick and who is better attacking wise & defensively according to the data? That’s the biggest debate between Trent Alexander-Arnold and Reece James.

As you can see Reece James shades the npXG(non-penalty expected goals) and the Non-penalty goals scored per 90 minutes.

Although Trent was expected to get more assists last season, if you look at his xA(expected assists), James has provided more assists per 90 as compared to Trent when it comes to their actual assists per 90.

Reece James also leads when it comes to Goals per shot.

However, Trent leads James when it comes to the quality of passing in attack according to the stats. Trent is far ahead of James in Key Passes, Through balls, Progressive passes, and in Shot creation actions(SCA) per 90 minutes and Reece James only leads when it comes to Touches in the box. They’re level when it comes to Goal creation actions(GCA) per 90.

Reece James is the better dribbler, but Trent leads marginally when it comes to crosses.

While Reece James scores more goals and gets more assists per 90, Trent is more involved and effective in overall attacking play and Reece James also leads in Pass completion percentage.

So you could say that it’s even between the two full-backs when it comes to their attacking threat.

Individually Reece James is better in terms of goals and assists, but for the team and build up play, it’s Trent who is a better option.

Comparing the two right-backs defensively, Reece James is a far better defender.

Reece James leads in Pressure regains, Tackles completed, and Tackles won possession, he also is dribbled past less, and makes more Blocks per 90 than Trent. However, Trent is a better reader of the game and leads in interceptions but Reece James is much better in the air and leads for Aerial duels.

Defensively, Reece James wins hands down and Trent is also a bit suspect when it comes to defending.

It’s a rather even comparison between both English full-backs which is why Gareth Southgate has a huge selection headache at right-back for England.

Who would you pick?

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