FPL: Top 5 Defenders For Your 2022-23 Season Fantasy Team Based On Last Season

FPL: Top 5 Defenders For Your 2022-23 Season Fantasy Team Based On Last Season

Over the past few years in fantasy football, the importance of defenders has grown exponentially. Usually priced low, defenders who get a lot of attacking returns are huge fan favourites.

Last season was a great example of this, at some points in the season, fantasy football experts recommended having 4 or even 5 premium defenders. They’re great additions to a team, with very high points per million, which basically means they provide a high return on investment. That being said, let’s have a look at the 5 best defenders of the season just past.

5. Joel Matip- 170 points

Last season saw Matip really stake a claim for being one of the best CBs in the league, gaining a lot of praise as Van Dijk returned from his knee injury. First, he was excellent at a defender’s main job – keeping the ball out of the net, getting 17 clean sheets.

He is also very reliable making 31 appearances and picking up only 2 yellow cards. Going forward, he contributed as well with 3 goals and 3 assists. Great value for money as well, valued at just £5m at the start of last season. A brilliant player who had a brilliant season.

4. Virgil Van Dijk- 183 points

Van Dijk is back to being one of the best defenders in the world. While many believed Matip had a better season, when it comes to fantasy league points, VVD is clear. He ended the season with the most clean sheets among all defenders with 21 and also got 4 attacking returns.

Van Dijk is one of the first names of the clean sheet and plays almost every time he is fit. Van Dijk consistently will give a decent return and isn’t likely to provide huge returns in a single gameweek.

3. Andy Robertson- 186 points

Robertson is usually considered as a defensive full-back at Liverpool, but that hasn’t stopped him from scoring a boat load of points. He scored 3 and got an impressive 10 assists and 17 clean sheets that won him a big portion of his points.

He provided 1.6 key passes per game, and while that is great for a defender, he had an xA of 6.2, meaning the elite forwards of Liverpool finished off difficult chances, so he may or may not be able to keep these numbers up.

2. Joao Cancelo- 201 points

Arguably one of the most impressive players in the Premier League last season was Joao Cancelo. Playing as a right-back, left-back, and even in midfield without a drop in his standards was brilliant to watch. He got a goal and seven assists to his name.

He averaged over 108 touches per game and maintained a pass percentage of 85% throughout the season. His passing in transitions is key for man city, and he completed 3.9 long balls per match. A brilliant player to watch and an even better fantasy football asset.

1. Trent Alexander-Arnold- 208 points

And coming to the best defensive pick last season, Trent has had another exceptional season. He scored 2 but got a staggering total of 12 assists last season. 1.6 shots to add to his 2.8 key passes per match has made him one of the most dangerous players in the league.

His 18 big chances created saw him finish only behind Kane in the league. He almost plays as a winger in this Liverpool system and was integral to every top manager’s fantasy team.

While new signings are extremely exciting, the best managers turn to trusted players with a track record of delivering in the Premier League. These defenders who provide a lot of value based on their price are great options for your team next season.

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