Mason Mount vs Europe’s Top 5 Leagues Attacking Midfielders/Wingers: Where Does Chelsea’s Mason Mount Rank Amongst Europe’s Elite?

Mason Mount vs Europe’s Top 5 Leagues Attacking Midfielders/Wingers: Where Does Chelsea’s Mason Mount Rank Amongst Europe’s Elite?

This chart compares the percentile rank of Chelsea’s Mason Mount vs Attacking Midfielders/Wingers from Europe’s Top 5 Leagues.

It’s been a productive season for the Chelsea academy graduate, who is slowly asserting himself into the Chelsea squad as a key player after his breakthrough season in 2019-20.

Mount got double figures for both goals and assists this season and was a critical part of Chelsea’s 2021-22 campaign as they went on to win the Club World Cup and reach the finals of the Carabao Cup and FA Cup.

Mason Mount is one of the most complete midfielders in the world, he is someone who can be compared to City schemer Bernado Silva. His versatility has meant he has been a key player under every Chelsea manager in his time. He has been played in the double pivot, as a no10 and on the wing. His numbers also demonstrate this ability.

Here we have divided his numbers into four categories- Attacking, Possession, Defending and Passing.

First, let’s look at his bread and butter, i.e. his attacking numbers. He is in the top 30 percentile for Non-Penalty Goals and Open Play Chance-Creating Actions. His Expected Assists(xA) have him at the 80th percentile, and the stand-out figure is his Assists, he has more assists than 93% of attacking midfielders in the top 5 leagues.

As he has played a deeper role so many times, let’s look at his numbers when he has possession of the ball. The Final Third Carries and Passes Into The Penalty Area rank at 93rd and 90th percentile, respectively, showing that he is more often than involved in any action in and around the box.

His Shot-Creating Actions(SCA) and Progressive Passes(82nd percentile) are also really impressive. His high Penalty Area Carries(86th percentile) signify that when he loves driving into the box, taking defenders on and making things happen himself.

His passing stats tell us something important about Mount’s play style. He has high Crossing(82nd percentile) and Through Ball(76th percentile) numbers but comparatively lower Pass Completion(62nd percentile). This shows that he is always trying to make things happen whenever he gets the ball rather than play a simple sideways pass.

At just 23, he has taken on the role of Chelsea’s chief creator, which is considerably admirable.

In today’s fast-paced game, just being good on the ball is not good enough, they have to pull their weight off the ball as well. Mount more than just does his bit in that area. Chelsea are a high-pressing side that looks to pin teams back and wins the ball high up the field.

Mount’s two best defensive stats reflect exactly this. He ranks at the 85th percentile for Recoveries, and Pressure Regains, showing that he plays a key role in ball turnover near the opposition’s goal.

Mount’s stats show that he’s not the jack of all trades but actually the master of all trades.

He’s a manager’s dream as he can perform at a very high level in multiple positions.

Mount is a gem of a midfielder, and a Chelsea and England star for years to come.


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