It’s Make Or Break Time For Paul Pogba: What’s Next For The Frenchman?

It’s Make Or Break Time For Paul Pogba: What’s Next For The Frenchman?

Paul Labile Pogba has to be one of the most divisive figures in the Premier League over the past few years. Some believe he’s genuinely a world-class player, while others feel he is rather overrated and lacks consistency.

Six years ago, Pogba returned to Manchester United as the most expensive player in the world, having left after running down his contract at Juventus in 2012.  This might feel like déjà vu, but it’s happening again. Whether you rate his ability or not, the general consensus is that it’s been a pretty underwhelming spell, and it is finally close to its end.

Based on pure footballing ability, Pogba is definitely elite. The passes he can complete, the goals he can score, and the runs he can make, combined with his physical attributes, make him an exceptional midfielder who theoretically has it all. But be it lack of players around him to get the most of his ability, or issues with managers and their styles, it just hasn’t worked out for him.

At 29, he is running out of time to deliver on the potential he had shown during his Juventus days. But all is not lost; he still has a good few years left in him, and the right move now could make his Manchester United spell seem like it was just a bad dream.

So, where does he go now?

The Biggest Rumour: Juventus

#Pogback again?

Currently rumoured to be in pole position for Pogba’s signature are Juventus. A return to the Old Lady, where Pogba played his best football, might just be what he needs to back at his best. Pogba performs at his best when he has the freedom to move around the field and enough defensive cover to allow him to express himself. It was a combination of Vidal, Pirlo, and Marchisio back in the day.

Juventus are a different team now, and they’re not as dominant. Pogba could be a part of the team’s spine for the next few years and he has already worked under and won titles with Allegri.

Juventus’ current midfield lacks creativity. Zakaria, Rabiot, McKennie and Artur together have provided seven assists between them. But these midfielders are great at doing what Pogba isn’t. They all put up high defensive numbers, lots of pressures and are great at keeping possession. A midfield of Zakaria, Rabiot and Pogba could propel the Bianconeri back to the top of the table.

Wildcard Option: PSG

An emotional homecoming on the cards for Pogba?

PSG are always interested in big-name superstars. While Pogba would be just another star on the PSG roster, he could be the one to help land that elusive Champions League trophy.

What PSG have lacked in the past few years is a solid and reliable midfield. Apart from Verratti, they have no other “world-class” player in the midfield. With all due respect, Herrera, Gueye, Paredes, Danilo or Wijnaldum aren’t Champions League winning midfielders and Pogba can be that final piece of the puzzle.

Pogba is excellent at dropping deep, picking up the ball and driving forward. PSG often struggle with getting the ball to their star players high up the field. Messi is usually on the halfway line because he’d rarely get the ball if he stays up the field. Pogba solves this issue.

It would also be pretty romantic to see him return to his hometown and possibly lead them to trophies.

While his mentality is certainly a point of debate, especially after an underwhelming time at United, there’s no reason why he can’t resurrect his career and get back to his best.

Perhaps a move seems like the right idea for Pogba and possibly could rekindle his career so that we see evidence of the kind of player he was always touted to be.

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